Membership Declaration


1. Declaration:

(a) I declare that all information supplied in this application for membership is true and correct;

(b)  I will keep my address and all other personal information up to date with PSC, ASA and SNZ by immediately notifying PSC in writing of any changes;

(c)  I am not aware of any reason why I should not be issued with the membership requested; and

(d)  I understand that upon payment of my membership fee (if any) I will become a member of PSC, ASA and SNZ and that by paying such fee each year by the due date, I will continue to be a member of PSC, ASA and SNZ, unless my membership is terminated.


2. Other Rules:

As a member I will:

(a) abide by the constitutions, regulations, policies, manuals, guidelines and reasonable directions of PSC, ASA, SNZ and

Federation Internationale de Natation respectively;

(b)  abide by the SNZ code of conduct located on the SNZ website:;

(c)  comply with the anti-doping policies of SNZ,World Anti-Doping Agency and Drug Free Sport New Zealand;

(d)  pay all PSC invoices promptly. PSC operates a no refunds policy ie no refund if the swimmer is unable to train for any reason or if the swimmer decides to change clubs part way through the quarter. An overdue account may mean the swimmer may not be entitled to train with PSC or enter meets;

(e)  submit all entries for meets through PSC with all required payments. Assist at meets as required by PSC;

(f)  pay the PSC membership fee for all four quarters by the due date;

(g)  pay a portion (as determined by the committee) of the PSC membership fee if I join PSC between 1 October and 31 March;

(h)  pay the annual ASA fee by the due date; and

(i)  pay any squad fees as they are billed quarterly in advance.


3. Termination:

I understand:

(a) that I may terminate my membership with immediate effect by giving at least 4 weeks notice prior to the end of that

quarter’s membership; and

(b) that PSC, ASA or SNZ may terminate my membership with immediate effect in accordance with the provisions relating to this in the PSC, ASA or SNZ Constitution (as the case may be).


4. Your Personal Information:

(a) I agree to PSC, ASA and/or SNZ, their employees, sub-contractors and agents using any personal information provided or otherwise held about me to:


i. enable PSC, ASA and SNZ to have a register of their members as required by section 22 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and any other statute, regulation, by-law or other regulatory instrument that requires collection or disclosure of my personal information;

ii. determine the exact number and categories of the members of PSC, ASA and SNZ;

iii. determine the membership fee payable by PSC, ASA and SNZ;

iv. determine the interests and nature of the membership at PSC for the purposes of determining which sponsor and/or stakeholders may be appropriate for PSC;

v. enable PSC, ASA and SNZ to communicate with me and other members about my membership and matters affecting PSC, ASA and SNZ such as their events, activities, seminars including communicating with me through newsletters, emails, texts and other electronic messaging;

vi. enable PSC, ASA and SNZ to contact me on behalf of sponsors and stakeholders for the purposes of promoting the sponsors or stakeholders products and services; and

vii. any other purpose I agree to in writing


(b) I understand that my personal information will only be used for the purposes listed in paragraph 4 and that it will be held

securely, I will have access to it, and it will be corrected upon request.


5. Photographs:

(a) I understand that photographs may be taken or video footage recorded of members including myself at any PSC, ASA or SNZ training session or swimming event;

(b)  The photographs or video footage may be used by PSC, ASA or SNZ for publicity purposes and communicated to the public during and after my membership expires; and

(c)  I understand that should I object to any photographs or video footage of myself being communicated to the public I can request that PSC, ASA and/or SNZ does not use it or removes it.


6. Liability:

(a) I will not hold PSC, ASA or SNZ or their respective officers responsible for any claims, losses and expenses which may arise from or in connection with my membership and/or participation in any activity authorised or recognised by PSC, ASA or SNZ except in the case of gross negligence or a wilful act or omission on the part of PSC, ASA or SNZ; and


I indemnify PSC, ASA or SNZ from all claims, losses and expenses suffered or incurred at any time, occurring as a result of or resulting directly or indirectly from my failure to observe the constitutions, regulations, policies, manuals, guidelines and reasonable directions of PSC, ASA or SNZ respectively.